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Company Fleet Management

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Motor Vehicle Log Book

Customers are using to keep their vehicle related costs under control and to help them in many ways to prepare for their next tax return. Running and maintaining a vehicle is expensive. After using this online application for even just one year, customers are often surprised at how helpful it is to have running costs recorded online.

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Company Fleet Management

Managing company fleets is a complex and time-consuming task. is a cost-effective tool for fleet managers in small to medium size corporations as it is a web-based, paperless application, accessible from any computer or hand-held device 24/7, 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere.

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Work Related Commuting

Many people underestimate the cost of commuting for work purposes, when declaring claimable expenses on their tax return. Travel via bus, train, taxi, uber, ferry, or plane for work can also be documented on Many of our customers were unaware of their commuting work-related travel expenses.

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A variety of travel, cost, commute and vehicle history reports can be generated, viewed and downloaded according to date range, driver, license plate, drive, cost or commute type. All reports are available as preview to screen, save to file, email or a data export. The option to send reports directly to a tax consultant or any other third party is also available.

Calculates Expenses

The app records travel costs (petrol, parking and toll fees, service and maintenance, registration and insurance premiums expense, etc.) and commute records (Bus, train, taxi, uber, plane, etc.) Data is available as reports and dashboards. Both can be sent to any email account.

Receipts allows drivers and commuters to upload and save images of purchase receipts related to commute and vehicle travel via any hand-held device. The app allows users to store receipts online or send via email.