Company Fleet Management

Managing company fleets is a complex and time-consuming task. is a cost-effective tool for fleet managers in small to medium size corporations as it is a web-based, paperless application, accessible from any computer or hand-held device 24/7, 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere. offers fleet management subscriptions starting with a 5 vehicles / 25 drivers licensing package. The majority of our fleet management customers are in the range between 30 to 50 vehicles. Companies with fleets of 100 vehicles or more may contact for further information.

The application supports fleet managers by providing detailed travel logs of vehicles and drivers. It identifies driver and vehicle efficiency by calculating the average fuel consumption and average costs per 100 km. As well, it keeps records of parking, toll, service, insurance, petrol, maintenance and spare parts expenses, and maintains a detailed history log of each vehicle.

The application reminds drivers and managers, via automated e-mail alerts, of pending drivers’ license and vehicles’ registration renewals, insurance premiums due and vehicle servicing requirements by date or km.

Setting up a new vehicle or driver in the system is efficient and effective. Once details are entered into the system by the fleet managers, an email is automatically generated and sent to each new driver which issues them with a user-id and password. Drivers then log in to the application on any hand-held device or computer. allows drivers and managers to upload and save images of receipts via any hand-held device when making purchases related to fleet management. The app also emails a copy of each receipt to the users of the application, ultimately streamlining record keeping.