Motor Vehicle Log Book

Customers are using to keep their vehicle related costs under control and to help them in many ways to prepare for their next tax return. Running and maintaining a vehicle is expensive. After using this online application for even just one year, customers are often surprised at how helpful it is to have running costs recorded online.

Once the application is set up it is ready for immediate use. It records business and private travel records, and calculates your average fuel consumption and costs per 100 km. The app records petrol costs, parking and toll fees, service and maintenance costs, registration and insurance premiums and many other expenses. There is also a section for your Commute Expenses. Customers can also opt to receive automated e-mail reminders when car servicing and registration, driver license and insurance renewals are due.

Motor-Vehicle-Log-Book allows customers to upload and save images of receipts via any hand-held device when making purchases related to travel. The image of the receipt is immediately visible in the web application, ultimately streamlining record keeping.

A variety of travel reports can be generated, viewed and downloaded according to date range, license plate, drive or cost type. All reports are available as preview to screen, save to file, email or a data export. The option to send reports directly to a tax consultant or any other third party is also available.

Some of our ‘family’ customers set up the application for their learner drivers to document their driving experience as required by some licensing authorities.